"The best knife is the one you have with you when you need it."


Start 2016

It's been a while since i last updated the blog,  i have been pretty busy with a lot of other things and didn't had so much time to forge as i wanted.
I did forge a couple of new knives with great satisfaction and hopefully i will have time soon to make more sharp things;)
The new website is online : http://www.kampmanknives.com/
At the moment i will not take on new custom orders cause i have to many knives for customers to finish and if you would like te get a custom knife from me i have to put you on a waiting list till this summer.
To get onthe list just write me an email to veryigor@hotmail.com and when the time is there i lett you know.
Thanx for watching, take care Igor Kampman

The 'Brute" hunter knife - sold

The "Caveman" - sold

Drop point bushcrafter - sold
Damascus drop point Bushcrafter - Traded

Small Bowie - Traded

Small mosaic EDC drop point - sold as a mushroom cutter

The "Mountainman" - Sold

Japanese inspired big Hunter knife - not for sale -

Martin Swinkels made this beautiful sheath for it with leather and kydex, check out his work: http://www.martinsheaths.com/


Keep on forging ahead.

Here some of my latest work.
It's to much info to tell of all the knives how i made them and with what materials,  i had a great production running lately and now i will have to take it a bit more easy.
Anyway if you want to know more about each knife you can also visit my Facebook page: Kampmanknives and you will find all the pictures of knives with info.
Also i finished a year's course 'Japanese sword forging'  at Smederij Atelier Alkmaar,  Dave van Wijngaarden learned me a lot of new skills what i put back in my knife work.
The first pictures are from my Japanese Ainu sword - Hira zukuri Naginata -  with a WIP  before the quenching of the sword and making of the habaki in red copper, and the result.
Have a look and hope you like it, cheers Igor.